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Laurie Bauer

San Francisco, California, United States
It’s been my lifelong dream to speak fluent French, and Veronique is the best teacher I’ve had since I started studying French at age 12. Her lessons, which are a combination of conversation, grammar, writing and reading assignments, have pushed me to a new level.  I recently spent 6 weeks in Switzerland and France this past summer, and everyone I encountered complimented my ability to speak and understand French.  I owe this to the skillful way that Veronique has taught me over the past four years.
She sends weekly thought-provoking French articles written with a fresh perspective on real-world events.  During our conversations, we discuss cultural differences, and she asks my opinion and position on topics that promote critical thinking.  I have learned a great deal from these discussions, and feel that I’m more conversant on the topics in both French and English. Veronique’s teaching style inspires confidence. During our conversations, she listens carefully and sends any corrections via Skype chat, which doesn’t interrupt the flow of the discussion.  I can read the corrections later, or we discuss them in real time if I have any questions.
Veronique also understands adult learning styles.  I’m in the process of getting my PhD, so there are times where I can’t focus as much on my French, and she is always understanding.  For those lessons, we talk about my past week and current events so I can keep up with my French and not lose the progress I’ve gained.  There is never a shortage of interesting things to talk about with Veronique.
I feel so fortunate to have one hour per week of pure pleasure to talk to Veronique in French about the most inspiring topics.  I am extremely lucky to have her as my teacher. 
I consider myself an average acquirer of languages (Spanish and French).  French is more difficult than Spanish because of the large number of exceptions especially when it comes to the sounds of the letters.  I have many friends who studied French in middle school, high school and college and have since given up on studying French because it was so difficult to get to the level where they felt they could communicate confidently with others in French. 
What I love about studying with Véronique is that her lessons allow me to see continual progress and this keeps me motivated to keep going.  For example, I was having difficulty using the various grammatical tenses and she provided very detailed exercises, verbal and written explanations on how these tenses worked which clarified and gave me confidence to use these different tenses.  
Most importantly, studying with Véronique has given me so much motivation to do more.  I was not thinking of taking the DELF B2 (high intermediate French exam) when one day she brought the idea that I should take it.  I did not feel comfortable as this would require that I study comprehension and writing which were my weaknesses.  But now I’m so happy that I am studying for the B2 as this has dramatically increased my progress in and my enjoyment of French.  I know I would not be currently studying French had I had any other teacher.

Michael Wong

North Carolina, United States


Sinaloa, México

For me, studying French was something difficult at the beginning, since there are sounds that don’t exist in Spanish. Fortunately, Véro was my first French teacher, she was always very patient with me, and her classes were pleasant and entertaining.

During her courses, I didn’t only learn aspects in relation with the grammar, but I also discovered cultural aspects of France. Because of that, my first encounter with the French language was totally positive, and all thanks to Véro.

What I really appreciate in practicing French with Vero, is how patient she is motivating me, no matter how weak my French is.
I had lessons with her to prepare for the DALF C1, it was great, I passed the exam and I know that she worked hard with me to improve my speaking and writing as well. She is organized, professional, lovely and understanding person.
I’d highly recommend her for anyone who looks for a French teacher online.

Bachayer A.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia