Signing up

Signing up could not be simpler.


Registration is a three-step process.

  • First step: you fill the online registration form below.
  • Second step: we communicate with each other in order to find the best solution, with the most suitable schedule.
  • Third step: after the confirmation of the time of your class, the day of your first class and the amount to be paid, you read the French with Vero policy, and pay with PayPal.

There you go, you’re ready to begin your classes!

Level of French (if you already know it)

Duration of the class

When to begin

French with Vero policy

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with these rules:


  • All communication outside of the class is made only by e-mail.
  • Students buy their own books and materials needed for the class.
  • The class begins exactly on time and ends exactly on time. For example, a class scheduled from 8:00 to 9:00 but started at 8:05, won’t end at 9:05, but at 9:00 as planned.
  • To begin the class, the student must call.
  • Every class cancellation must be done by e-mail at least 24 hours before the time of the class. If the class is not cancelled more than 24 hours in advance, the class will be charged.
  • Paid classes that are not taken expire after one year.